The home of motors gearboxes & control systems...

M.G.C. Systems are leading UK specialists in the supply of Electric Motors & Drives. Our scope ranges from the supply of new AC & DC electric motors & gearboxes to inverters & control panels.

Our portfolio also includes the supply of larger frame electric motors, the reworking of standard 'off the shelf' products & gearbox assembly. This combined with the new stock profile of both electric motors & geared motors means that deliveries are now same day/next day.

M.G.C. Systems are proud to be direct importers of both ELECTRO ADDA Motors & SITI Gearboxes; Our stock holding of ELECTRO ADDA Motors & SITI Gearboxes is one of the largest in the UK, we also have direct links into both manufacturing plants.

MGC Systems is the home of motors, gearboxes & control systems. Whether it be AC Motors, or DC Motors, a helical or worm gearbox, a motor base plate or clutch we have the power to supply.






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